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Our Company

Maucal is an innovative company that started business in the field of languages in 1994.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience acquired over the years, we have developed a method of work with a significant competitive advantage: Highly qualified professionals with great job satisfaction.

Our loyalty towards an innovative code of good practice in this sector has a positive impact on our clients, as they receive a service of the highest quality.

We are therefore able to offer a full range of services that are characterised by great professionalism, quality and a high degree of personalisation to meet the special characteristics of each client.

Whatever your specific requirement within the field of linguistics, Maucal can offer you a tailor-made service.

Our goal is for our clients to meet theirs.

Some of the language combinations accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation that we translate and interpret:
  • spanish translation
  • english translation
  • french translation
  • german translation
  • italian translation
  • portuguese translation
  • russian translation
  • swedish translation
  • greek translation
  • romanian translation
Maucal works

Offering our Services

Maucal training

Customised Training

Given by highly qualified professionals. Small groups (maximum 5 people) or individual classes. Fixed/flexible timetable. Specific programmes for companies or children. Exam preparation.

Maucal translation and interpreting

Translation and Interpreting

Both simple and sworn, in all of the language combinations accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Our Translation and Interpreting Firm is based on three mainstays: Quality, speed and confidentiality.

Maucal courses abroad

Courses Abroad

For several years now, Maucal has been a collaborating centre of Nacel, an internationally-famous agency offering a wide range of possibilities for long or short-term language learning abroad.

Maucal services for businesses

Services for Businesses

Your best option as a language services provider. What do you need in other languages? Effective communications abroad, personalised and understandable manuals, precise contracts and brilliant advertising campaigns…

Our Clients

Thanks to its flawless history of professionalism, Maucal has gained the trust of the main companies in different sectors

Maucal and industrial multinationals

Industrial multinationals

Maucal and computer and engineering companies

Computer and engineering companies

Maucal and chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Maucal and agri-food industries

Agri-food industries

Maucal and universities and Polytechnics

Universities and Polytechnics

Maucal and professional and Business Associations

Professional and Business Associations

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